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iran plan to increase its aluminium capacity to 336,000 tonnes by 2018


Iran plans to increase its smelting capacity to 336,000 tonnes by 2018, says Amir Sabagh, the manager of the Iranian mineral and mining development and reform organisation (IMIDRO).
The company is planning to build a 3,000,000 ton smelter in Asaluyeh. This project is funded by the overseas engineering construction company of China nonferrous group.
IRALCO, Iran's aluminium oxide company, is also working to expand its production capacity to 36,000 tonnes by 2018.
Iran now has a capacity of 457,000 tons and a capacity of 437,000 tons. Iran's IRALCO produces 22,000 tons a year, and Almahdi Hormozal can produce 237,000 tons a year. Due to environmental pollution and other problems, both companies now have some spare capacity.
IRAL, the only aluminium oxide company in Iran, is controlled by IRAL and is located in Jajarm, with an annual capacity of 250,000 tons.
Iran's mineral and mining development reform organization (') is working with the Chinese investors to negotiate athar general (Asaluyeh) 20 billion tons of alumina project timetable was announced, the raw materials mainly rely on imports from guinea Conakry (Conakry) bauxite.
Iran has already signed a bauxite import agreement with guinea that will import 4,000,000 tonnes of bauxite from bauxite by 2040.
According to the customs data, in the first five months of this year, Iran's alumina production was 101,520 tons, aluminum production 128,679 tons, alumina imports 201,122 tons and bauxite imports 8,299 tons.

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