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America aluminum policy

 According to the aluminum association, according to a press release yesterday some Alcoa to testify on behalf of the international trade commission (ITC), that imports from China ordinary domestic manufacturer aluminium alloy plate would threaten the United States. Chalco, jovian aluminum, JW aluminum and norbeth are the main representatives of China's low prices and unfair trade.
"Our industry representatives to the international trade commission provides a comprehensive and convincing evidence that imports from China of ordinary aluminium alloy plate is not fair trade, it is damaging the interests of the U.S. producers."
Antidumping and anti-subsidy investigations have been launched against China's ordinary alloy aluminum plates. In the anti-dumping and countervailing investigations, the ministry of commerce provided the anti-dumping deposit of 56.54% to 59.72% of these products.
Due to its excellent strength and weight performance, alloy aluminum plate is widely used in transportation, building construction, infrastructure, power, sea and other fields. American shipbuilding consumes 2 billion pounds of ordinary aluminum alloy every year. The thickness of the ordinary alloy aluminum plate under investigation is larger than 0.2mm and less than 6.3 mm, and is manufactured by 1XXX -, 3XXX -, or 5XXX series alloy. The investigation included uncoated aluminum and polyalloy aluminum composite plates.
The international trade commission (itc) is expected to open a vote on January 12, 2018, to investigate whether the domestic manufacturers of ordinary aluminum alloy plates are harmed and threatened by imports. At present, the international trade commission can confirm that the ministry of commerce will conduct anti-dumping and countervailing investigations and will conclude a preliminary countervailing duty on February 1. The preliminary anti-dumping decision in 2018 is expected to be completed by April 17