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Health & Safety

Ensuring safety at work as well as improving safety performance

Environment, Health and Safety is the number one priority for Yonghong– we want every employee, visitor and contractor to return home safely every day. 
We continue to develop new processes and modify existing ones to improve our safety performance. 

EHS FIRST at Yonghong

We also launched a new communications program based on the FIRST acronym to remind employees of our five key safety behaviors.
Contractors, suppliers and visitors to our sites are expected to comply with the same high EHS requirements as employees. Each person receives a plant-specific orientation and is fully supervised throughout their visit. Each person entering a Constellium managed area is included in the Yonghong Injury Record keeping System.

Promoting health and reducing stress

Promoting health and reducing stress underlines our commitment to all aspects of employee wellbeing.
Over the last 12 months, our teams in China carried out important work to help people return to Yonghong following absence. Also in China, focused on five key elements:
  - Stress management, including stress analysis through a heart scan, together with seminars on how to reduce stress and how leaders can encourage health;
  - Promoting physical activity, through eight-week circuit training programs;
  - Ergonomics, including a physiotherapy consultation and expert personal advice;
  - Nutrition, based on improving nutrition by promoting balanced menus in our canteens; and
  - Vaccination, including influenza vaccinations.