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Application of ultra high strength aluminum alloy in various industries(1)

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Application in aerospace

        Material is the basis of aircraft structure. Aluminum alloy will be used as a very important aircraft structure material in large aircraft structure because of its high specific strength, good forming and processing properties and good corrosion resistance.

       Foreign large civil aircraft have developed from Boeing 707 to a new generation of large civil aircraft represented by Boeing 787 and A380. Great changes have taken place in the main performance indicators of civil aircraft, such as comfort, safety and economy. The design methods have also changed from static strength design to damage safety design to current damage tolerance design. The materials used have also changed from one-sided pursuit of high strength Considering the requirements of materials with good fatigue strength and the new requirements of considering both corrosion resistance and low cost in addition to damage tolerance, great changes have taken place in the main structure materials, especially with the significant increase in the amount of advanced composite materials, which has a great impact on the amount of traditional lightweight alloys. For example, the amount of composite materials for B787 aircraft is up to 50%, The amount of aluminum alloy is only 20%.

        Aluminum alloy also plays a leading role in civil airliners currently in use, such as the A380. Boeing 777 is a large civil airliner launched by Boeing in the 1990s. Most of the materials used are mature materials in the late 1980s and early 1990s, or commercialized materials in the 1990s. Therefore, its material selection is representative.

       By analyzing the models of major international civil aircraft manufacturers, it can be seen that ultra-high strength aluminum alloy still occupies a very important position as the structural material of aircraft. Combined with the overall situation of vigorously developing civil large passenger aircraft in China, it can be seen that ultra-high strength aluminum alloy also has a broad market application prospect in the aviation field.

      The application of composite materials in aerospace structures is expanded, and the application of aluminum alloy in strategic missiles powered by solid rocket motors is significantly reduced. However, for a long time to come, ultra-high strength aluminum alloy will still be the main structural material of launch vehicles, spacecraft and space stations, as well as one of the important structural materials of missile and other weapon systems. At present, aluminum alloy is still the main lifting structure of spaceships and space shuttles at home and abroad.






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