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Brief analysis of common states of aluminum alloy for aviation

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        Aluminum alloy is divided into deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy. The brand of deformed aluminum alloy is represented by 4 digits and the brand of cast aluminum alloy is represented by 3 digits.


       When trading and communicating in the market, Products are identified by 6063-T6,5083-O,  A356-T6, 6016-T4P, 7050-T7451,2196-T8511, etc. This is a set of standard representations recognized in the industry. Among them, the 4 or 3 digits in front of "-" indicates the chemical composition range of aluminum alloy materials, that is, the commonly known brand, including Chinese standards, American standards, etc; The "-" is followed by the status code, which represents the production process of materials. There are also Chinese standards GB, American SAE standards and so on. It is the chemical composition and production process that determine the microstructure and properties of the final aluminum alloy products.





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