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Common surface treatment process of aluminum alloy to improve the sense of product quality!

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Sand blasting

The aluminum alloy surface can be sprayed to the workpiece surface by sand blasting with the help of external force to achieve the effects of roughening, cleaning and decoration,



Sand blasting process is to increase the roughness of aluminum alloy surface, so polishing process is to reduce the roughness of aluminum alloy surface and make the surface bright and flat. includes:

1. Mechanical polishing 2. Chemical polishing 3. Electrolytic polishing 4. Ultrasonic polishing

mirror finishing


Brushing(linishing)process is a surface treatment method to form lines on the surface of workpieces by grinding products and play a decorative effect. includes:

1. Flat pressing abrasive belt brushing 2. Nonwoven roller brushing 3. Wide abrasive belt brushing 4. Centerless grinding brushing 5. Polishing machine brushing



Anodizing generally refers to the electrochemical oxidation of aluminum and aluminum alloy in the electrolyte of sulfuric acid or other solutions and under specific process conditions. includes:

1. Chemical coloring 2. Electrolytic coloring 3. Electrolytic overall coloring