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Definition of electrolytic aluminum, alumina and aluminum ingot

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Electrolytic aluminum

Is aluminum obtained by electrolysis. Cryolite alumina molten salt electrolysis is used in modern electrolytic aluminum industry. Molten cryolite is a solvent, alumina is used as the solute, carbon body is used as the anode and liquid aluminum is used as the cathode. After a strong direct current is applied, the electrochemical reaction is carried out at the two poles in the electrolytic cell at 950 - 970 , that is, electrolysis.


Alumina oxide

It is a stable oxide of aluminum. It is a high hardness compound. It is an ionic crystal that can be ionized at high temperature. It is often used in the manufacture of refractory materials. Industrial alumina is prepared from bauxite (Al2O3 · 3H2O) and diaspore,


Industrial aluminum ingot

In our daily industry, the raw material is called aluminum ingot. According to the national standard (GB / T 1196-2008), it should be called "aluminum ingot for remelting", but we are used to calling it "aluminum ingot". It is produced by electrolysis with alumina cryolite. After aluminum ingots enter industrial application, there are two categories: cast aluminum alloy and deformed aluminum alloy. Cast aluminum and aluminum alloy are castings that produce aluminum by casting method; Wrought aluminum and aluminum alloys are processed by pressure





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