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In less than two weeks, Shanghai aluminum fell from a five-and-a-half-year high to a two-month low, a decline of more than 4000 points

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Recently, the aluminum price has dropped sharply, which is mainly dragged down by the sharp fluctuation of energy price and the continuous recovery of inventory.


The price of power coal fell precipitously, the production cost of electrolytic aluminum collapsed, the market's concern about the continuous rise of the production cost of aluminum raw materials was alleviated, and the logic of aluminum price rise was undermined. At the same time, with the supply of goods thrown out by the State Reserve Bureau successively flowing into the market, the tight market supply situation has eased. In addition, due to the low acceptance of high priced aluminum raw materials by downstream processing enterprises and the continuous fermentation of power restriction interference, electrolytic aluminum inventory has accumulated for several weeks, so the aluminum price has been adjusted.


If the aluminum price stops falling, the power rationing in the supply area will expand, the power rationing in the consumption area will shrink, and the inventory will change from accumulation to consumption, the aluminum price may return to 22500-23000





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