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The rise in rare metal prices triggered an increase in processing fees

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"Affected by China's dual control of energy, DMC increased by 7% in a single day, up to 42000 yuan / ton; the production of silicon in the upstream raw material industry decreased significantly, and there will be a serious shortage of raw materials in the future;


Many magnesium factories have stopped production since the 20th of this month, and the supply of magnesium ingots in the market has been greatly reduced, resulting in the continued sharp rise of magnesium prices. Today, it is understood that the ex factory tax cash price of 99.9% of magnesium ingots reported by factories in fugu area has increased by 60000 yuan / ton. Recently, the magnesium price has continued to rise by about 15000 yuan / ton, and other regions have followed the adjustment.


As magnesium and silicon are incompatible and missing additive elements of aluminum alloy, with the rapid rise of magnesium and silicon, the product processing fee of aluminum processing enterprises will rise, resulting in the high price of aluminum processing products, which is even more difficult for downstream enterprises to accept!






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