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Aluminum battery box

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The battery shell is the bearing part of the electric vehicle power battery, which is mainly composed of the upper cover and the lower shell. It is used to protect the power battery from damage in case of external collision and extrusion, and plays a key role in the safety and protection of the battery module. At the same time, the battery box has a large volume and high requirements for processing equipment, process and product accuracy. At the same time, the supplier also needs to have the ability of design and synchronous development.


Aluminum lightweight battery box is the main development trend. At present, the main materials of battery box include steel plate, aluminum plate (die-casting or extrusion) and composite materials (carbon fiber). Considering the extreme requirements of electric vehicles for lightweight, aluminum battery box is gradually becoming the mainstream. In terms of weight reduction effect, the mass of steel battery box is 120kg, while that of cast aluminum battery box is 80kg, while that of profile aluminum battery box is reduced to 50-60kg, which has remarkable effect. This also reflects the three generations of processes experienced by the battery box (steel stamping - aluminum casting process - aluminum profile welding). At present, the third generation products are widely used in.





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